About Me

Photo left to right: Darling Darla, John Pavlik and Cupcake at Wooden Hatchery on Duck Pond FarmAlong time ago, on the porch, it was morning I think maybe afternoon I don’t remember but I was sitting there thinking how beautiful the pond looked and suddenly a gold finch alighted on a cattail and he was singing, no doubt he was filled with the softness of summer and the charm of life. He wasn’t  a folk art finch nor were the cattails folk art cattails but the inspiration had smitten me. Some years later that finch and those cattails were hatched in the wooden hatchery. They weren’t the genuine articles but this time they hatched into hand carved folk art. Why it took so long to make the finch and cattails I really am unable to render reason other than perhaps it was the maple burl the finch and cattails were mounted on. As you can guess it had to be the right burl and to find the right one could take time and it did.

That is how folk art is created at the Wooden Hatchery by inspiration … inspiration from nature, from books, from anywhere. By embracing that inspiration, then suddenly it becomes exciting and rewarding to see a decoy duck, woodpecker, heron, fish decoy or other wooden folk art sculpture emerge from an old barn timber, a block of basswood or a lighting struck white pine. While I count inspiration as the first tool necessary for good folk art, traditional tools and methods of construction are employed as well to make these vintage style decoys and other wooden folk art sculptures.

One last thing, unique antique furniture … as a former collector and seller of the original there was always the thought if only the cupboard had been blue or had a door or had a dovetailed foot … you get the idea! Folk art sculpture, a duck decoy or reproduction furniture can always be improved by an extra and sometime slight detail.

Unique objects in the form of a miniature blanket chest, hanging cupboard, pipe box and any other item that is brought to my attention flying in on the wings of inspiration, like the folk art sculptures, the hand carved duck decoys, herons, root heads, woodpeckers, fish decoys all of these can be found at the Wooden Hatchery.

By the way, thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed it, come back again because you never know what will show up a the Wooden Hatchery.