Gable End with Bird Nest

Gable End with Bird Nest


The inspiration for this wooden sculpture came on this wise … I had been researching fire place mantels from the 1750’s – 1790’s and came across the Timothy Copp House. My first impression … the house is okay but those carved vines I studied architectural details for proportion, propriety and design. I long ago had observed that an elegance of design
is often achieved through simplicity and the vines on the Copp house were certainly that. My discovery of those vines demanded an application and folk art met the call … really a
simple solution. Note worthy are the details of this sculpture. The shingles are sawn of wormy chestnut. They were left over from a shingle making demonstration of possibly eighty
years ago. Both mouldings used on the Gable End were accurate reproductions made in my shop, the ovolo example is from the 1772 Col. Edward Cook house (Col. In George
Washington’s milatia) and the 1850-1870 gingerbread example is from a Pennsylvania farm house window header. To complete this architectural detail I needed a family of barn swallows.
You see them? There is much more to this story but room does not allow. The Gable End did merit “Peoples Choice” award at the Dressler Center Art Show. I do retain the right to use images of this sculpture for possibly a new trade mark for “Wooden Hatchery”. This sculpture is being sold from my personal collection.

L 42” x H 52” x W 7”

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